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De & go: Discord Message Deleter bot helps you to delete messages from multiple channels easily.

De & go: The discord message deleter

De & go

De & go bot is the quickest way to delete messages from your Discord server. Whether you're an owner, admin, mod, or member, you can easily control De & go by using an app. Deleting messages from Discord has never been easier 😎.

De & go mobile app is a remote controller for De & go Discord bot and the bot can only be controlled using this app.

you can give commands to the bot to delete messages from the channel using the app with the help of Discord Webhook.

De & go: The Discord Message Deleter-Mobile App is now available on Play Store✌.

Get De & go:Discord Message Deleter on Google Play

Help command:

d&g help

Upcoming Features:

  • Ability to create webhooks for the channels with a command. This helps us to create webhooks from mobile easily😍.

  • Ability to delete messages older than 2 weeks🤗.


Using De & go bot you can delete the messages with your own choice & style and keep your server ever shining✨.

There are 7 deleters🤩 to delete the messages from your server:

  • Specific Message Deleter:

    It deletes the specified user's message using User ID

  • Webhook Message Deleter:

    It deletes the webhooks messages.

  • Bot Message Deleter:

    It deletes the bot messages.

  • Not Bot Message Deleter:

    It excludes all bot messages and delete other messages.

  • Pinned Message Deleter:

    It deletes only the pinned messages.

  • Unpinned Message Deleter:

    It deletes only the unpinned messages.

  • All Message Deleter:

    It deletes all type messages.


🔸 The Last 100 messages will be deleted from all selected channels at a time using above mentioned Deleters.

🔸 And no messages older than 2 weeks can be deleted using API according to Discord Limitations.


Main Screen

webhook Screen

Deleter Screen

Webhook adder

List of selected channels

Specific Message Deleter

Settings Screen

Advanced Options in De & go

Youtube Videos:

Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial


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