69 Indians

INDIAN SERVER COME JOIN US!! We are fastest growing community of dicord.

╔════════ ≪ ⎚ ≫ ════════╗ メ 69 Indians メ ╚════════ ≪ ⎚ ≫ ════════╝ ◆ Introduction Welcome to 69 Indians! Share your memes, indulge with strangers and friends in dank, owo, music and what not! Enjoy your stay but most importantly, keep it friendly and enjoyable for all! [Note; Not a partnership server]

◆ Our server has:

◈ Special perks for Boosters. ◈ Self roles and levelling system (Self roles are Diffrent you never seen that before) ◈ Organised channels ◈ Giveaways like ( Codes for gaana, altbalaji, hungama music etc), (owo, dank currency), ( Level up xp) ◈ Offers most of the bots with different section (Dank bot going to premium soon) ◈ Different achievements Tier ( Don't know what is it? Join to know more info) ◈ A virtual Economy like no one others. ◈ Polite kind and positive environment ◈ Auto moderation. ◈ Prefer For Indian people ( Language used in chats hindi & english only) ◈ Level 2 server ◈ Specially for chat lovers and VC lovers

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