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programmer and gamer. love csgo. author as well and enjoy esports, NFTs, biking & monster hunter

Gamer Technologist
Concepcion#7779 https://ullmina.wee...

Hi i'm Concepcion and like the bots and servers Discord.

Programmer Technologist

Random internet user who runs a minecraft server and may take it a little too seriously.

Programmer Technologist | | The bitconnectCoin Community Supports The Open-Source GUI Full-Node Satoshi-Client Miners Of The bitconnect Public BlockChain.

Activitist Technologist

An awesome bot developer that developed SMUGY! Link:

Programmer Technologist

Welcome to m'y profil, il developper fullstack

Programmer Technologist

I am a 16 year old web developer and discord.js based in Sydney and I love working with discord.js and express!

Programmer Technologist