Last modified: August 17, 2021


Bumping is a simple system of rewarding active listings more views. Every 3 hours you can bump your listings and increase the bump value by 1. The listings with the most bumps show first in tag, category and keyword searches.

Bumps automatically reset the 1st and 15th of every month. This allows everyone a fair advantage to get to the top of the listing.


A server whos main focus is distributing adult content. Those servers will need to be properly marked!

You can view a server in the dashboard only if you have "Manage Server" permissions.

We will give your server an official partner badge if you post our ad in your #partner channel! Join our support server to get help with that.


Please allow our Testers 48 hours to get around to testing your bot. If it has exceeded 48 hours please notify a site Admin!

Firstly we are looking for a help command so we know what to test. We check that your bot has enough commands and it follows good practices!

At the current moment we do not have a bot API. We do show bot statuses on the website and may add an API later if the need arises.