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Squid Bot !help | Watching 73...

This bot has a range of commands which are useful for things such as moderation and ticket commands! We hope you like it.

Fun Moderation

A Multipurpose Bot With All You NeedWorking On More FeaturesTotal Categories : 20Total Commands : 150 +Every Command To Make Your Server Perfect

Fun Moderation
rileydeman 166 servers

The bot is multi-purpose. You can use the bot for moderation, fun, tickets and more.

Moderation Economy
Otay! over 216 servers | ...

Hey there! My name is Otay! - 🔨Moderation, 😂Fun, 🎈Utilities, 👾Memes, 🎫Ticket system and much more!

Moderation Music

Features & Info Author: kenx Moderation Bot built to manage discord servers. This bot has all the premium commands too. Hackban/forceban [Type of ip ban] is also available Modular Discord bot built en

Moderation Levelling
${Ella} The mods do their j...

An awesome Discord bot for all kinda of servers with a huge number of commands for everyoneto use! To get the commands type ++help in a channel the bot has access to.

Moderation Utility
OcelotBOT meme posting | 23,8...

OcelotBOT is a general purpose meme and utility bot designed for small groups of friends. View the whole command list at

Fun Utility
Lockdown Shutdown.. It was fun.

Moderation bot, with lots of features such as: Anti-Nuke, which protects your server from people destroying it. Moderation, Server, and more!

Moderation Utility