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Ethereum Bot View

🏫 Learn about Ethereum and πŸ” look up accounts, transactions & blocks. ⚑ Ran by the Listcord team!


Play Hangman in Discord with Singleplayer, Mutiplayer and DM support.

Games Fun

A reaction role and role management bot to automate giving roles to users with easy to use features.

Roles Utility

A music bot with free premium features. The way of a music bot with free everything

Emoji Generator

A fun bot to generate and create emojis using different parts and access to a library of emotes to save and share.

Utility Etc

Share your favorite messages, images or memes by other users to earn stars.

Utility Fun

Its a Completely different system, a mixed economy which supports person to person selling, its something more than just a bot.

Fun Economy

A Minecraft bot for Discord with lots of commands such as player skins, name history.

Utility Fun
Coin Flipper

Coin Flipper is a simple and fun Discord bot! From flipping coins to lottery tickets to fun minigames, it will make your server more active and enjoyable!

Fun Economy

🏫 Learn about Ethereum and πŸ” look up addresses, transactions & blocks. ⚑ Ran by the Listcord team!

Utility Etc

πŸ“ˆ We are a free listing web service for Discord's servers + bots! πŸ’Ž Proud to offer custom urls and bumping system! πŸ… Anyone can partner their server with our website!

Listing Etc

Multi-functional bot in EN , Auto-Assigned Roles on Welcome, Welcome System, Economy, Fun Commands, Customizable Bot Behavior!

Utility Moderation
Squid Bot

This bot has a range of commands which are useful for things such as moderation and ticket commands! We hope you like it.

Fun Moderation