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Scorpions Bot 📍s!help | 38 Servid...

Bot Multi-Funcional con 6 categorias y mas de 50 comandos

Moderation Utility
${Ella} support-us command!...

An awesome Discord bot for all kinda of servers with a huge number of commands for everyone to use! To get the commands type ++help in a channel the bot has access to.

Moderation Utility

Ticky is a modern English/German ticket system.

Moderation Etc
Bastet 86229 users

A multi-purpose bot ready to skill up and boost up your Discord server. Also features moderation, points, music, fun and much more!

Music Moderation
Corgi c!help |

Corgi is a multifunctional discord bot designed for a wide range of functionality from administration, obtaining statistics from games to classic commands for Discord, and more. Completely for free.

Moderation Fun
Otay! over 207 servers | ...

Hey there! My name is Otay! - 🔨Moderation, 😂Fun, 🎈Utilities, 👾Memes, 🎫Ticket system and much more!

Moderation Music

A Multipurpose Bot With All You NeedWorking On More FeaturesTotal Categories : 20Total Commands : 150 +Every Command To Make Your Server Perfect

Fun Moderation
P Tools 55 Servers | 24981 ...

Our Bot Is The Most Useful Bot!P: Discord Toolbox it have some amazing commands like `p/banner` which gives user banner and other commands. Prefix is `p/` type `p/help` to see all the commands!

Utility Moderation
(>) Cytotron

Cytotron - The best bot you'll ever need. Keep your servers clean, motivated, and active all the time!!

Fun Moderation
De & go for d&g help

De & go: Discord Message Deleter bot helps you to delete messages from multiple channels easily.

Moderation Fun

Moderation bot, with lots of features such as: Anti-Nuke, which protects your server from people destroying it. Moderation, Server, and more!

Moderation Utility
Denky /ajuda | denkybot.c...

Automação, AntiRaid, AutoRole, Sorteios, Moderação, Lembretes, RoleAll, Minecraft, Sugestões, Lockdown, Minigames, AutoReact

Fun Moderation