To-do Bot

Ever have too many tasks to do, but don't want more software open? If so, this is the bot for you!

Admin Commands:

  • add-staff - Add a role to access server commands.
  • remove-staff - Remove a roles access to server commands.
  • list-staff - List all of the set staff roles.
  • setprefix - Set the guilds bot prefix.

Server List Commands:

  • add-servertask - Add a task to the server list.
  • edit-servertask - Edit a task on the server list.
  • remove-servertask - Remove a task from the server list.
  • list-servertask - List all of the tasks from the server list.
  • assign-task - Assign a task to a specific staff member.
  • complete-assignment - Set an assigned task as completed.
  • list-assignments - List all of your assigned tasks.

User List Commands:

  • timezone - Set your time zone for timestamps/reminders.
  • add-list - Add a list to your personal lists.
  • edit-list - Edit the name of a personal list
  • remove-list - Remove a personal list.
  • add-task - Add a task to one of your personal lists.
  • edit-task - Edit a task on a personal list.
  • move-task - Move a task from one personal list to another.
  • remove-task - Remove a task from a personal list.
  • list - List all of the tasks from a personal list.
  • lists - All of your personal lists.
  • archive-task - Archive a task from one of your personal lists.
  • archives - A list of all the archived personal tasks.
  • remind - Set a personal reminder.
  • auto-remind - Set a repetitive personal reminder.
  • edit-reminder - Edit the text of a personal reminder.
  • remove-reminder - Remove a personal reminder.
  • remove-autoreminder - Remove a personal auto reminder.
  • reminders - List all of your personal reminders.
  • auto-reminders - List all of your personal auto reminders.

Miscellaneous Commands:

  • help - View all bot commands.
  • invite - A link to invite the bot.
  • info - View bot information.
  • vote - Links to vote for the bot.
  • ping - View the latency of the bot and API.
  • stats - View the statistics of the bot.
  • voted - Check when you or others last voted.
  • votes - View all of the bot voters.
  • rate - Rate the bot on various bot lists.
  • reviews - Look at the bot's reviews from Void Bots.
  • suggest - Suggest a feature for the bot.
  • privacy - Privacy policy of the bot.
  • debug - Debug the bots required permissions.
  • bug - Report a bug or anything related to the bot.

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