Birthday Bot

Keep track of member birthdays in your server!

Admin Commands:

  • /set-channel - Set the birthday announcement channel.
  • /remove-channel - Remove the birthday announcement channel.
  • /set-birthdayrole - Set the birthday role.
  • /remove-birthdayrole - Remove the configured birthday role.
  • /force-birthday - Force set up a member's birthday on this server.
  • /purge-birthday - Purge a user's configured birthday on this server.
  • /purge-birthdays - Purge the birthdays of members who have left the server.
  • /check-birthday - Check the birthday of a user on the server.
  • /toggle-ping - Toggle the role/user ping on birthday announcements.
  • /restrict-access - Restrict a user or role members from setting up a birthday.
  • /grant-access - Grant a user or a role's members access to set up a birthday.
  • /blacklist - Blacklist a user or a role's members from the bot.
  • /whitelist - Whitelist a user or a role's members to use the bot.
  • /force-announce - Force announce a failed birthday announcement.

Premium Commands:

  • /set-age - Set your current age to be displayed on annoucements.
  • /remove-age - Remove your configured age on this server.
  • /set-image - Set the image that is displayed on birthday announcements.
  • /remove-image - Remove the configured birthday announcements image.
  • /toggle-ages - Toggle displaying ages in users' birthday announcements.
  • /set-message - Set the messages used on birthday announcements.
  • /remove-message - Remove a message used on birthday announcements.
  • /redeem-premium - Redeem your premium subscription for this server.

User Commands:

  • /set-birthday - Set up your birthday on this server.
  • /view-birthday - View your configured birthday for this server.
  • /preview-announcement - Preview how your birthday announcement will look.
  • /remove-birthday - Remove your configured birthday on this server.
  • /view-server - View the server bot information.
  • /view-birthdays - View all of the configured birthdays on this server.

Miscellaneous Commands:

  • /help - View all bot commands.
  • /ping - View the latency of the bot and API.
  • /info - View bot information.
  • /stats - View the statistics of the bot.
  • /invite - A link to invite the bot.
  • /privacy - Privacy policy of the bot.
  • /debug - Debug the bots required permissions.
  • /bug - Report a bug.
  • /suggest - Suggest a feature for the bot.
  • /vote - Links to vote for the bot.
  • /voted - Check when you or others last voted.
  • /votes - View all of the bot voters.
  • /rate - Rate the bot on various bot lists.
  • /reviews - View user reviews from Void Bots.

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