Baxter, a fun little Fun/Economy bot written in discord.js made by Ashlyn

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Utility Etc

📈 We are a free listing web service for Discord's servers + bots! 💎 Proud to offer custom urls and bumping system! 🏅 Anyone can partner their server with our website!

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Proteus - The True Multipurpose BotModeration, fun, image, currency, random generation commands, I have it all! The best thing is, I am constantly being developed and improved!

Fun Moderation

> My commands are very simple, they can be seen through my or using my command t!help to access my list of commands :) > I'm always trying to update myself

Fun Moderation

The bot is multi-purpose. You can use the bot for moderation, fun, tickets and more.

Moderation Economy

## Utility commands`#prefix` **|** `#setlang` **|** `#help` **|** `#ping` **|** `#lavalink`.## Music commands`#24/7` **|** `#join` **|** `#pause` **|** `#play` **|** `#queue` **|** `#resume` **|**

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