Je suis un bot Giveaway, Modération, Configurable, Fun, Français + 70 commandes !

Modération : ban, clear, clearwarn, createchannel, add, kick, lockchannel, mute, rename, slowmode, unban, unlockchannel, unmute, warn, warnings

Utile: avatar, roleinfo, reverse, setafk, snipe, whois

Giveaway: gstart, greroll, gend

Images: captcha, circle, delete, gay, changemymind, trigger, clyde, petpet, magik, iphonex

Musique: play, stop, skip, queue, autoplay, loop, volume, pause, resume

Fun: 8ball, cat, kiss, meme, ngif, pat, poke, smug, thigh, tickle

Commande Nsfw arrivent bientot

Le bot est encore de développement

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The bot can only be operated with slash commands

Moderation Economy
Tanjiro 910K Users | t!help

Hi 👋 I'm Tanjiro , I have multiple systems, 📔 log, 👮 moderation, 📋 util, 🚓 automod, 🌍 multilanguage and much more!

Fun Moderation NSFW
Ullmina u+help or @Ullmina

Ullmina is a bot dedicated to the RADIANT anime series.

Fun Utility
iwi [^] 83553 members in 77...

iwi is a multitasking bot which has many fun, moderation, info, general and image manipulations. It's very easy to begin with it, to understand all commands and use.

Levelling Utility